Dear World: I’m Joyce.

I’m a graphic designer, printer, photographer, and digital illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. I’m a horror enthusiast, lo-fi music lover, minimalist and I’m striving for entrepreneurship. I graduated from New York City College of Technology in 2016 with a Bachelors equivalent for Communication Design.

I’m learning from everything and everyone around me and my dream is to live somewhere quiet and beautiful. In my homebody time, I’m always searching for new music ad inspiration, building my skills, cooking up new recipes and simply relaxing.

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Kromolith offers a range of design services from brand and identity to web design which will help brands speak loud through visual communication and art direction. 


+ Logomark
+ Logotype
+ Wordmark
+ Identity
+ Slogans
+ Naming
+ Typography
+ Brand Guidelines
+ Art Direction
+ Creative Direction
+ Stationery


+ Branding System
+ Advertising
+ Illustration
+ Iconography
+ Print Collaterals
+ Packaging
+ Copywriting


+ WordPress Management
+ Front-End Design
+ Content Management Systems
+ Shopify
+ Web Builders (Squarespace, Wix, etc.)


+ Photography
+ Handcrafts
+ Illustration
+ Content Creation
+ Content Writing


Kromolith organizes a set approach to projects that transitions ideas and abstract concepts to usable and visually pleasing components of a brand.

01. Approach

Communicate with the client and understand the brand, the brand’s needs, and provide a set of solutions that can be approached.


02. List

List the needs of the specific project and present a variety of service and solutions available.


03. Quote

I create a detailed quote based on clients’ specific needs. Quotes vary per project.


04. Brief

The client provides me information in which I gather and use towards project analysis and development. 

05. Research

Background research will be done to help profile your brand and compare it to known competitions. It will also define a target audience that will allow the brand to reach specific branding assets and marketing techniques.


06. Design

Focused design work will be provided based on research and brand profiling. A presentation of design concepts and prosposals will be provided.


07. Delivery

Production and delivery for the project will be provided when the designs are approved. Here, you will receive your files in final form to be used as discussed.

I work with brands to build long-established content & imagery. If you like my portfolio, let’s work together!